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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Isn't it great to have a break from your kids?


HSMomto3 said...

I completely understand what you're saying here. I get so tired of hearing, "Isn't it nice to get a break from your kids?" if they happen to not be with me!

When I was pregnant with my 3rd, my kids usually came to my appointments. A couple of times that they didn't, I heard that comment from the nurse and doctor. (In case you're wondering, I do have well-behaved kids, so it wasn't an insult in disguise.) Sure my kids drive me crazy some times, but we (my family) usually do everything together. We also homeschool. If I can't bring my kids with me somewhere, I miss them. Even if I do take a break from them or need one, I miss them.

I'm so tired of feeling like the oddball out b/c I'm not the type of mom to constantly escape on shopping trips, getaway weekends, or vacations, etc. I hated that when they were babies people thought it was weird that I kept them with me instead of getting a babysitter.

Their first 18 years are going to go by fast, and I treasure everyday, even if some days I am a little crazy. :)

SarahKate said...

"No kids? Nice, you get to be free." the woman said to me, and I looked at her and thought, My children are *not* a burden! Sometimes I take them on special outings but not all the time. I ended up saying, "They are at home, having Daddy-time, which they love." She continued and pressed the issue and it was challenging, how to express myself without starting an argument. It's a hard question.

Dana said...

Ha! People don't ask me that too often, because I always do have my kids.