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Monday, December 17, 2007


If you are going to mock homeschoolers, you might as well be funny or at least irreverent. If you are dying for a reason to roll your eyes or for a guilty chuckle read this post that suggests picking teams should be foremost on a homeschoolers mind, and the one that followed after us homeschoolers ran the Principal off to Canada!

ps. He mocks Canadians, truck stops, and several other groups as well. Good fun!

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Dawn said...

I think the guy's a pretty good sport actually. Apparently he's gotten quite a bit of mail over his first post and not all of it pleasant.

Ahermitt said...

Dawn, I was more amused than offended... and thanks for commenting, I forgot to add that you led me to his post

sunniemom said...

While the blog was somewhat amusing, I don't understand parents who will put down in black and white that they can't stand being around their children. His kids might read that someday.