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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't Believe What School Officials Tell You

On one of my homeschool email lists I read the story of a mother who was told that in addition to providing attendance to the school district, that she also had to send curriculum information. (The middle school secretary told her this when she withdrew her daughter from the 7th grade. )

The truth is, all she had to do was send an intent to homeschool notice to the school district, and send in monthly "attendance sheets". She didn't even have to withdraw her child, or speak to the school secretary. (although the withdrawal process keeps the school from calling to see where your kid is.)

OK. First of all, do not listen to the school secretary. What does she know about homeschool regulations. Second of all, read your states homeschooling laws. Do no more than they require. The reason I am telling you this is because school officials will go beyond what is legal to make homeschooling difficult to you. Many are just telling you what they are told so you need to go straight to the source... the homeschool laws for your state.

If you find the laws unclear, look for statewide homeschool support groups that will plainly explain these laws to you.

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