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Friday, March 28, 2008

Keeping in Touch?

While my high school career was far from perfect, it had its fun and educational moments. Still, I have maintained little connections since then. In fact, I have not spoken with anyone I went to college with in 10 years. I only have a handful of acquaintances from high school. Fortunately, I do have ways to get in touch with people I have not seen in years.

There are high school reunion sites like and the new that can put me in touch with schools alumni from my previous high schools and colleges. It does not matter if a person goes to school in Eugene Oregon Schools or if a person goes to Arizona schools, this web site helps you keep in tough with old classmates and friends. While is a relatively brand new website, I like the features it ads to the business of keeping in touch. This new online alumni and school reunion community allows blogs, alumni planning, and more. It also gives users the ability to meet new friends. promises to give a run for its money.

I wonder if it is the conveniences of knowing we can get in touch if we need to, is what actually keeps us from staying in touch. As of right now, homeschoolers do not have access to such services that will help they stay in touch with kids they attended homeschool co-op and drama club with. It would help homeschoolers if such sites would add a homeschool category by city so that homeschoolers can locate friends and family from the homeschooling community. Or… perhaps homeschooling kids will keep closer contact with relationships they made especially since they are not forced into classrooms with people their own age and are therefore able to make more natural friendships that will last longer.

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