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Monday, March 02, 2009

Sharing Classnotes on Facebook

There is a new website designed to help college students share notes with other students. It allows them to flesh out classnotes, and to get a different perspective. The way this works is that a student in a... at lets say University of Wisconsin POLI SCI 104 course is working on a Political Science Paper and feels they are missing something. They can go through this facebook application to to access notes of a student in another college in another state, or even in the same class to see if their notes reveal something different. In short Coursehero allows students to share information and coursework over a facbook application.

Now if you are thinking that this is an excellent way to cheat and plagarize, you should know that you can and very likely will get caught. This site was designed for ethical sharing of personal class notes and nothing more.

What does this have to do with homeschooling you might ask? Well, if you autodidact homeschooled child is interested in learning,more about political science, or ants to take a CLEP exam for English Literature, they could access notes from students across the country and get a good feel of what is taught in the class. This could turn out to be an excellent resource for homeschoolers, even if college students push the envelope of ethics while using it.

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