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Friday, July 03, 2009

Report on homeschooling

Here's an interesting report on homeschooling. I noticed some inacuracies or over generalizations especially in the comments below the video.

comments from video "Home schooling is a growing force in the United States, where families opt out of the public education system in favour of parent-supervised study. The country's growing evangelical Christian communities are largely behind the growth, seeking to teach their children Biblical creationism instead of the scientific theory of evolution. But home schooling by politically progressive families is also on the rise."

I believe this is a UK story

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1 comment:

Mrs. C said...

Bleh! This video makes Mom look like a control freak. The kids' "choices" are history or geography? And "just" because the girl in the video sees only her brother and her mom during the school day, doesn't mean she isn't "curious" about the outside world?

The things the kids and mom say are just fine, but the narration is a bit... biased? Uninformed? Looking at things too public school-y and getting comparative?