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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is our homeschool shelf

 This is in response to Dewey's treehouse who discusses: Another year of boxes, bins, notebooks: trying not to duplicate where she shared her homeschool organization boxes, bins and binders.  

As I mentioned previously a large bulk of our homeschool program is online, and we used Google Calendar to communicate and plan assignments.  Still, the books, notebooks, and other learning materials are supposed to land somewhere.  So... this is our homeschool shelf.  
No, not the neat shelf with the books lined up that also contains the basket of printer and cardstock paper and a few playbills that need to go into my daughters homeschool portfolio... no that's my shelf that mostly contains older homeschool materials that I am not willing to part with yet.  The shelf that looks like it's had its own personal tornado is the kids homeschool shelf...  Sometimes I take it personally and decide that the state of this shelf is what they think of me and all the hard work I do to keep them organized.  Then I remember they are teens and that such visual commentary would take deep thought... teens are so much more surface that that.  The state of this shelf is more likely a demonstration of their need to grab their books and get out of there before I can ask any probing questions about what they thought about the chapter they just completed, or God forbid, ...their personal lives.

So here's what the homeschool shelf is supposed to look like:

There.  That's better.  My son's homeschool books are on the left.  My daughter's books are on the right, and the books that they both use are in the middle.  They both have 5-subject notebooks that they were using at the moment I took this picture, as well as their test prep PSAT book which also goes on the center stack.  Like I mentioned before, the shelf above holds older homeschooling books that I am not ready to part with yet, as they can be used for reference.  There are also some historic novels there.  The shelf below contains my income taxes box, with the current years's folder on top, some of my personal art books, and a basket containing some of my art supplies.

(These pictures do not include the scattered books on the floor that I am currently giving away through my blog... it was a neat pile once, but the kids kick it when retrieving and returning their books... shameful)


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