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Monday, May 16, 2011

Homeschool Blogging A-Z: O is for Online Classes

(Has anyone figured out how much of a Dork I am yet?)  In my a to Z blog project I listed M, then N, them M again!)...  I am going to pick up now with O... forgive my scattered brain!

Homeschool blogging A-Z:  O is for Online Learning

Over the years, we have approached learning is a great mixture of ways.  We have taken classes in the community, used online programs and educational websites, and we have also studied from textbooks at home.  One option we haven't had the opportunity to explore, but is still a great option is online learning through online classes.

Online classes including online college courses are classes run by a teacher who communicates through the internet through video programs and message boards.  The teacher and student may communicate live; in real time, or they may leave messages and video instruction for the other to retrieve later. 

MIT online learning and other Open Source type classes are one form of online learning.  The student can follow the lectures and classwork given by an actual professor at a top college. 
My daughter plans to take a food chemistry class next fall using this method of learning.

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