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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting over the first impression of homeschooling

 So before I even get started, I am going to say go read this blog post, then come back.  In the aforementioned post at Hip Homeschool Moms, the writer recounts her very first introduction to homeschooling.  She said something innocently, and was greeted with cutting sarcasm.  I think this happens a lot.  Are we all just so jaded that we can't tell an innocent question from a stupid remark.

 When I think back to some of my earliest introductions to homeschooling, I shudder. 

First there was the family that accosted us as a pool party, all happy, and shiny, and educated, and tried to convince me to homeschool Rambo style. 

Then there was the time I tried to inquire into a homeschool group when I lived in New Orleans.  After describing myself to someone who agreed to meet with me, she almost abruptly hung up the phone.  We were having such a great conversation until I described myself as African American with braids...then it got weird. (This was over a decade ago and in an interesting part of the country).  It was a few years before I looked into homeschooling again.

I am still amazed that I shrugged off the first homeschool co-op meeting I went to where everyone gave a testimony that God told them to homeschool and then practically broke out into a brawl over math curriculum options.  I only went to one homeschool group meeting after that... in 10 years.

So I just want to echo what was said at the aforementioned blog.  That is, if you really care to help new people who may desire to homeschool, be nice.  Don't assume they are an idiot, or wrong for homeschooling.  Be encouraging and kind.... mKay?

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Happy Elf Mom said...

Homeschooling Rambo style! I like it! Might be a great book title.

You do know God called everyone to homeschool with MY math curriculum, right?? Your descriptions are sooo spot-on. Yeah, I don't need "support" groups either, thank youuuu.

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