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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So Here's where we are at in the whole homeschool college search

College #1 application is almost complete.  He loves this college so much that we went to an open house day and they told us to apply  last September, so his application has been in process for a year now.  All he needs to do is submit his art portfolio to increase his scholarship chances. This college has rolling admissions, so an acceptance letter will not mean he HAS to go to THIS school if he is accepted.  Our feedback so far is that his homeschool portfolio is awesome.

College #2 application is ready to go out... just waiting for the early application deadline to pass so he is not considered early enrollment as they are not his first choice, just a comparison point. While is best friend is at the school, he says that will not sway him... it will probably come down to dollars and cents.

There are a couple of other colleges that are pretty much ruled out, but he may apply to one or two of them for grins and giggles... especially the one that already sent a scholarship letter... followed by a letter inviting him to apply, no charge.  It's a nice offer, but they offer NO art.... and very little graphic design.  It is more of a bible college than anything else.  That's great, but you'd think they would have a program for people who wanted to work in Christian media.. Christian TV, Christian websites for kids.... that sort of thing.  We are going to ask about the options for filling electives at other colleges before ruling them out completely. The recruiter is kind of cracking me up.  His last letter was all like.... "Yeah, we know we don't offer what you're interested in, but we're Christian and you'll get to use your camera."  That's not very convincing. 

As a homeschooling mom, of course I have some worries and insecurities.  Have I educated him enough to be ready for college?  Our experience with online public schools tells me that is ready to work on someone else's timetable.  That is good.  Plus he also took and passed a language arts CLEP exam worth 6 credits.  So that's good.  However, his ACT score was median.  Period.  He didn't rock the test.  He didn't blow it out of the water.  He did well enough to meet the median ACT score for his first choice college.  His scores are very considered pretty good for the second choice and most of the other colleges too.  Still, as a homeschooler, you kind of want to SHOW THEM... the doubters, you know.

A final statement and point of pride...  That boy writes a mean essay.  I had him ready a book about college entry essays, then write his own.  It was so good I wanted to cry.  sniff... very proud. 

Hoping to get results soon.  I don't want to be dealing with this all year.

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Happy Elf Mom said...

Aaaah... my ps senior is still in the "maybe I don't want to go to college/maybe I will wander around and ask for money" phase of college planning! You are wayyy ahead of the game.

Ahermitt said...

Most non-homeschooled kids I know are at the same stage... plus, some of the homeschooled kids I know and a tiny amount of PS school kids are just beginning to visit campuses.

But I have always had the "homeschoolers must be ahead of the game" fever, so I have been harassing my kid all year to get this far. He's be glad when it's over.