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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When homeschooled kids hate homeschooling

Transcript (summarized in parts)

Hi this is Ahermitt.  This is the first video I am making on my iPad and there are some things I am going to have to get used to like the weird placement of the camera.

(yada-yada- new ipad, blah, blah, blah)

What I want to address, is comments from people who have homeschooled unsuccessfully. For example, I just watched a video called "Homeschooling is a MISTAKE".  He really should have entitled it
"Homeschooling was a mistake for me".

It's a young man who talks about having had anxiety issues in school - bad anxiety issues, and ended up homeschooling. Now I guess the anxiety is worse. So he doesn't feel like going back to school or transitioning to college is an option for him.  He feels 'desocialized' because due to his anxiety attacks and being allowed to homeschool, .. and on his own schedule, that he feels like he has withdrawn to a point where he cannot transition back into school or college. He thinks he's "screwed".

There are some things he could have done differently in his case.  His parents could have been more involved, and/or  perhaps put him into a program where he could homeschool part time, where he could go in once or twice a week to get assignments that he could finish at home. That would have also kept him on track because he is a semester behind in addition to all that.

From time to time, I've seen a lot of articles, comments, videos, from people who have homeschooled without success.  (Actually, probably just 3 or 4 a year.) It really bothers me, not because the person is speaking their mind and from their truth but because they are speaking from their truth and tramsferring their issues onto all homeschoolers. In most of these cases where people went on to give reasons why homeschooling didn't work for them, it was for reasons like overbearing parents who didn't let the kids out of the house or some degree of laziness. This is soooo not typical of most homeschoolers. I know a lot of homeschoolers, and I've seen a lazy factor in maybe 2% and most of the homeschoolers I know are extremely active.   My personal big confession is that we are a few weeks behind (we were close to 2 months behind, but are catching up over the holidays)... the reason is because we are soooo active in the commity that the book-work got a little neglected last semester.

So when you see something like the video like the one I've mentioned here, Please understand that they are talking about their personal experience and that is all they know.  They haven't seen homeschooling from a healthy perspective. Listen to what they have to say, but take it in the proper context, and don't let the scare you from homeschooling.

Good or bad... don't just take anyone's work for it.  Look around, ask questions, and get lots of opinions.

That's all I have for now.  Good bye.



Happy Elf Mom said...

It's nothing I'd feel threatened about. There are good schools out there that aren't good for everyone. And how many people, just overall everywhere, think school is LAME?

It doesn't even have to be homeschool. I just take the merit of each individual argument. In the end, the kid belongs to the parents until age 18 so too bad for you no matter where you go, or where your parents want to send you. Or not. I try to remember that when I hear parents forcing their children into horrid schools, anyway, and hope others have the same grace for me and my choices.

PS. Have a great new year, Andrea! :)

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Robin at Stone Soup Homeschool Resources said...

After having kids in public school and schooled at home, I don't beleive that the typical school model works for more than a small percentage of students. Most people don't learn well in an environment that forces all to learn the same way, all the time. There are some exceptional teachers out there that challenge the typical model, and they have my respect. For my children, homeschooling was a much better fit.