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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Middle Schoolers Gone Wild

Bullying has gone too far when middle schoolers attach a school bus monitor

 It is difficult to find someone who hasn't been bullied or has done bullying themselves. Back in my day, the response was "kids will be kids", or "it's a part of growing up", and it was just dismissed. When kids were especially brutish, parents tended to deny that their child had ever done such a thing. Currently, there is no denying the current bullying culture when kids record their bad deeds and post them online for all to see.

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1 comment:

Happy Elf Mom said...

And maybe things would have been taken more seriously if it were posted online when we were kids. I remember "message boards" but most people weren't really on them, everyone wasn't as connected on the boards as they are now.

Now you can totally mess up someone's life. Google my real name and "bad homeschool mom" and see what you get. Dare you.

I can't blog about it b/c my son's (hopefully ex-) stalker will see it... but yep.