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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Sending them off to college... or not

I noticed that a lot of homeschoolers don't really plan to send their kids off to college.  They've been homeschooling for the last 12 years... why throw them to the wolves now?  I guess I get it, but college was always the goal for our family.  At one point I thought they would accelerate through school and be leaving at 18 for Grad school, but my kids weren't that kind of gifted. They are more on the talented side.   But all the same, college was the goal. ... And I have one leaving in just over a week.

Since my son is away on a man-cation adventure with his dad, my daughter and I took it upon ourselves to start his packing.  Here is everything except for clothing and computer. It doesn't seem like much, but then I remember I went to college with just one trunk and one suitcase, and I was fine.  He has two trunks a bin, and a bookbag, and we haven't even packed clothes yet.  Then there's the fridge and chair we will be picking up at the Walmart near the school. I have a feeling we will be renting storage space next summer for those larger items we can't get home in my car.

So with one child down and one child to go, my daughter and I were discussing colleges. I opened up the subject of public college because I knew she would be eligible for the GA HOPE scholarship and we would have a lot less tuition to worry about with two in college.  She replied, "If I wouldn't go to public school, why would I go to public college".  It's the same environment.

From the mouth of babes. It made me think differently about those homeschoolers who don't want to send their kids to college at all. 


JenPB said...

I see her point, but public college is different from lower-grade public education because it is OPTIONAL! :) Unlike those lower grades (required in some form or another), college is not required by anyone. Oh, sure, for certain jobs. But there are even exceptions to those rules.

Anyhow, in the interest of affording college - something we're trying to plan for, too - you might point out that differentiation. ;)

Mommas Sunshine said...

My daughter is in her second year of college now. I will soon be taking her back.

She was homeschooled until she was 7 and then again in 4-6 and part of 9th grade,

I am so glad that I found your site!

usethebrains godgiveyou said...

With both of us being college graduates, it was always taken for granted Ben would go. But I wouldn't stop him if he wanted something else. A degree is no guarantee of success. All paths are different. My father was a businessman who never graduated from high school (he went to war at age a typical story).