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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trying to come up with field trip ideas for this year

In my last post I lamented about not having traveled enough and not taking my kids on enough field trips as a part of homeschooling.  Seeing as how it bothers me so much, I think I might do something about it this year.  This year we are taking a lot of days off to explore.  We may even get out of the country.  Now, I am not looking to fly off on cheap holidays to Egypt (only in my dreams) but I am wondering if I can raise funds to go on the European tour with the homeschool program.

Meanwhile, I am making a list of things we are definitely going to do this year: 
  • Dragon*Con: The World's largest multi-media, popular culture convention, etc, etc,... in the universe.  The educational value for us is in the costuming tracks.  My daughter loves creating costumes and sewing. 
  • JapanFest: Japanese Culture convention...  Girl loves Japanese culture
  • New York: If we can't make the European Trip, this will be our consolation prize.  We will see at least two plays.  Hopefully Wicked and Book of Mormon, but we're not that picky. 
  • High Museum: As many exhibits as we can stand
Thinking about:
  • Washington DC
  • Seeing a performance of Japanese Myths called Iwami Kagura
Can't think of anything else right now.  Can anyone come up with some fun and educational things to do in  the South-East?  I'm looking for Single day trips (Metro-Atlanta) and weekend trips mostly.

Leave a comment.

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usethebrains godgiveyou said...

I was going to suggest DC. We used to go when Joel was involved in National History Day. He worked, Ben and I took the metro downtown and just checked stuff out for a week. We ate hotdogs downtown for every lunch...saved big bucks and all the museums are free. One thing we did pay to go to, which was kind of cool, was the Spy Museum.