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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

All this stuff is just extra

I spent the weekend at Dragon*Con.  I won't rehash it all because I wrote about it here.  But there's is always something refreshing about leaving my over-sized Atlanta McMansion and living in a 12X15
room for a few days.  It always reminds me of how blessed I am, and how blessed I would still be if I didn't have my house, and my things.  Isn't it amazing that vacationing forces you to strip down to the bare necessities, leaving all your space and your stuff behind, and in that absence of all those possessions, you have the time of your life?  Something to think about huh?

So here's how I apply this lesson back to homeschooling. As I stand on the precipice of graduating my second and last homeschooled child, I look back and know I did enough, only because I took the time to homeschool.  I know I did enough because I built the relationships.  I know I did enough, because we did it together.  All the other stuff... the curriculum, the books, the computers... the many, many computers,  and the arts tuition and music instructions all would have been for naught without having the extreme closeness that it takes to homeschool.

Sure, we had a nice ride with homeschooling, with many perks and whistles, but if we had to do it all again, with nothing in our pockets, I know that it could have all been done is a 12X15 room with nothing but a library card.


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Happy Elf Mom said...

Yeah! You and your family are super-blessed not just with stuff, but with intellect and ability. Not everyone is so fortunate! Off to peek at your other post. :)