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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Girl gets noticed

My daughter is currently in her homeschool group's production of A Christmas Carol.  She is playing The Landlady (and is in a couple other scenes as party guests).  She always plays the meanest, sassiest character in the play.  I personally was starting to get a complex about this, but even with the smaller role she had in this play, she got noticed.  The co-coordinator of the community theater organization (whose building we were using) asked me a few questions about her, and was shocked to realize that she was so young.. only 16.  He then gave me his business card and said that she should audition for their upcoming plays.  He said she was talented and seasoned beyond her years.

Add this to the comments I got last week at the college competition, and I know that she is walking down the right path.



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Way to go mom for your work allowing your daughter to follow her own path.