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Monday, January 07, 2013

A new semester- the final semester

I am spending this morning getting my son's laundry done  so we can take him back to college. ( I know he should do it himself, but these kids will let a wet load sit in the machine for hours).  It has been an interesting break.  He is clearly more mature (and bossy) than he was when he left home.  His opinions are strong.  His patience is also short. ... and I can't tell when he's serious or joking anymore. I look back at the period of my life when I left home and remember how necessary the distance was.  I was getting to the point when I was becoming my mother, and I was still a teenager. Every glance, every opinion, every argument I had, and someone would comment how much like my mother I was.  Now, my mother was a perfectly lovely person and I wish I had half her sense of humor, but I was not her, and in order to become uniquely me, I needed time and space- off by myself to deal with the world.  This is my son's time.  I may not like or understand all the changes, but he is still the same at his core- uber moral, and deep thinking.  My work may indeed be done.

I am also trying to get my daughter to wash her hair so I can set it in some new-fangled rollers I
purchased that is supposed to straighten and curl it at the same time.  I hate to complain, but the decision to not put chemicals in my daughter and my hair was a decision to let hair dictate our lives (as if it wouldn't anyway).  Dealing with hair as a black woman is an art... you have to labor over it, nurture it, and in the end embrace it.  My daughter's hair has actually become an academic subject of it's own this semester.  This is because I never taught her take care of it.  It was just easier to do myself (like the laundry).  But since she will be on her own next year, I need her to learn to at least maintain it, even if it means she comes home once a month for protein treatments and deep conditioning.

So I have to get her hair done today because she has a theater audition tomorrow for The Music Man.  (And I am on call for Jury Duty this week). I am not especially happy about the choice of plays of this homeschool group this year as both shows have been male-centric, meaning few -if any leads for women.  This means my daughter has been waiting her whole high school career for a lead role, and now I don't see her getting one....  Oh, well, it is what it is.  Anyway, there is one role in this show that definitely fits her and it has no solos... such as shame.  She has a powerful voice that I would have loved to hear one more time in a high school (type) show.  The leading lady's role for this show is Soprano, (as most are) and my daughter is Mezzo I am told.  Honestly I think she is Alto, so It's not a personal judgement if she does not get a lead....  It's more in the choosing of the show than the casting.  But I am getting all worked up and auditions haven't even started yet.  (She says I have to stop taking it so personally... she's so mature).

If that is not enough to keep us busy this semester, my daughter has three musical theater competitions/auditions this month... three weekends in a row.  So at some point this week, I need to purchase a couple new outfits, as she is still growing, and it is just time for some new performance duds.  Me and my daughter shopping is a whole other adventure I would rather not deal with.

Academically, she has to finish Economics, and physical science, take the CLEP test for Analyzing Lit (for high school and college credit), and take a 1/2 credit health course.

Where's almost to the finish line... and it's making me a wreck.


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