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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Last Week of Homeschooling!

In exactly 1 week, Jordan will be in the midst of graduation exercises along with 10 fellow homeschoolers in the same Arts Program as she.  Some also did the academic leg, but Jordan did most of her core courses independently.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone's senior presentations, as I am only privy to what my daughter is doing.  If the rest are giving presentations as ambitious as my kids, and I am sure they will, I will be so thrilled and happy!

Meanwhile, I spent the bulk of this morning calculating grades for the 2nd half of the year and reporting those grades to her homeschool Accreditation agency.  I already actually have her diploma on my desk, as it arrived a couple weeks ago.  Before I get up from this chair, I will also submit attendance for the year.  I am gathering that will take an hour.

Plus, I am scheduling her road test Monday morning.  She would have been driving sooner, but I refused to move forward if she refused to finish her work.  It came down to health vs. the drivers license.  No health.  No drivers license.  Needless to say, she finished her health curriculum.

This next week will include:

Agonizing over my son's application he has into the state college.
Sewing assistance on one final costume for Senior Project.
More rehearsals.
Crafting for things I want to put on her Sr. Table
Buying a dress for each of us and making sure the guys have on decent  outfits.

Oh-shoot!  I never ordered a yard sign.  I'll get that around the corner.

Ugh.  I'm sure I'm missing something else.

Wish us luck on getting through this week without killing each other.  ... So stressful.



Happy Elf Mom said...

CONGRATS, Jordan!! You must be so proud, Mom! :)


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