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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Homeschooling moms are so mean!

Here's a recent and true meme I discovered about moms: 

Replace the words "my children" with the word "homeschooling", and you will have a true statement about homeschooling moms.  

But why are homeschooling moms so mean, as found in the comment section of my article about the homeschooling war on about.comhomeschoolers, in the main, are mean spirited, have little regard for credentials (perhaps because of their lack of credentials) and are so set on their own narratives that they disregard everyone else's. They have resorted mostly to the old "if you don't have a valid point, call names." 

Ummmm... Yeah.  That's what WE do.  

In all effort to keep this positive, I will stop now, and I will continue to urge homeschooling moms to play nicer, but how do you deal with people who want to call you names but can't take the heat?  

... anyway... 

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