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Friday, July 25, 2014

Pinterest makes you feel inadequate (Cleaning my pantry)

I told my daughter my plans to clean the lower portion of the pantry today, and explained that I was inspired by Pinterest.  She replied, "Pinterest makes you feel inadequate"...  "It is a whole site of things people do better than you", she continued.  "Besides, your plans sound a bit anal-retentive", she spat.  Clearly, Pinterest has struck a nerve with her, and she disapproved of my plans to have a Pinterest-worthy pantry.

I forgot to take a before picture, but here is the during: 

All the stuff on the floor of the pantry. 
This is all the brooms and such that were also in the fray.

There were crushed laundry baskets from the dollar store that I tried to organize with before, when I organized with only dollar store items, but these things were so flimsy that they just flattened and fell
over.  There were tons and tons of grocery store bags that needed taming.  There were cloth bags, and there were odds and ends that just got tossed in there.

 Here is the after. I only organized the lower section, the part with the Sterilite drawers.  I will eventually redo the upper shelves, but I need to collect some jars and labels and such, (Thanks Pinterest .... for getting these ideas into my head.)

You can see in this next photo that I used a wide bin, costing $17.00 and a narrow one costing $11.00 (back to school sale.)  I also purchased a sink bin into which I sat the broom, dust mop, dustpans, etc.  This way they fit better into the corner and would not touch and food stuffs.  Behind the bins, in the corner, are some boxed serving dishes, used only for parties, and in the back corner are snacks I am starting to stock up on for the college kids to bring back with them. (In the cloth grocery bag.)  All my cloth bags will hide there later.   That corner is a great hiding place... I plan to use it to hide soft drinks, so there will be things to offer guests when they stop by.

 You will also find a couple large Tupperware bins stacked in that back corner... I am using them to hold empty food containers I want to keep... like Crystal Light packaging.... they are great for keeping craft supplies.  >>>

In the drawers, you will find place mats and chargers that were on top of the fridge before.. (So I was able to clean up 2 areas!  The contents of this drawer was moved to the bottom as the items are heavier.
You will also find garbage bags, lightbulbs, and freezer bags.  >>

And there is a drawer for extra toilet paper and paper towels.

 Plastic grocery bags get a drawer for now, until I empty an oatmeal container and make it into a dispenser.  I wouldn't collect these at all if I didn't have dogs I have to pick up after.

Bread (now moved to the top drawer)

Potatoes and onions, which I later moved down a drawer as they are a heavier item.

I installed the wheels on the narrow drawer unit so I could move it out of the way if I needed to.  The wide unit is wheel-less so that I had space on top to put some serving dishes.

There is still a bit of work to do in the upper pantry, but it is in pretty decent shape for a pantry with a door!

Besides, now that the floor of my pantry isn't a disgusting mess of cleaning items, dropped foods, and plastic bags, I feel much better about myself.

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