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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I did a thing, and other happenings

The thing I did:  I rented a space at a store that sells contemporary furniture and has booths for antiques.  I wasn't thinking too clearly, because my opening date is the first of March, and I am supposed to be on a plane that same day. Once I realized that, they let are letting me set up early... but ... duh.

So I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off, gathering my loot, getting it tagged, and pre-planning my booth.  If I can set an election up in 2 hours, and supervise the set up of 6 precincts, then  I can set up a 10X10 sq ft (actually, it is more like a 12X12 divided by two triangle)   done pretty quickly, right??

Oh, I am also having a fundraiser at my house this weekend, but no stress, right? Oh and painters come in the morning, and I am still awake.

The photo above is a preview shot of the theme of my shop... this kind of thing, that I craft up, and vintage 1950 and 1960 furniture and stuff... it's my aesthetic and its also popular, so...

I have also scored a good number of chairs that are actually from the 50's, and I am editing my house and getting rid of some clutter... fold that all in to start with.  I have a lot of Mediterranean stuff from 2003 when I first bought my house, and I will start with that so as not to dig myself into a whole I can't get out if.

Other happenings....

Looks like the girl will graduate from college a semester early (or at least finish early and go back to graduate)... I'm trying to get her to take her time and enjoy the process... but it's her personality to go for broke.

The boy will finish after Summer School and go back for graduation in January.

I'm realizing that my empty nest is about to repopulate... not sure how I feel about that.  I know hubby has no problem with them hanging around a couple more years... but I don't intend to be cooking and doing laundry.  Just saying'.

oh.. and I listed some items on etsy ... more to come. link here 

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