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Friday, March 18, 2016

You can never have too many pillows... or shirts

I just had to integrate my sewing skills into my HER Store, so I made pillows from dress shirts today.

Mens dress shirts make nice pillows for the bedroom as they are typically light weight and more delicate than you would think when transformed into a pillow.  I actually had more fun with women's dress shirts.  There were more textures and patterns, and the shirts had embellishments that lent to the design of the shirt.

Here's the project:

I used the ironing board for my cutting surface since the kitchen island is busy holding another project.

Here is my template. I used presentation board and  went ahead and made 2 sizes for future use.  I just measured a square and then curved the corners so the pillow would not have weak corners. 

I outlined my template with marker

I did all the cutting in one sitting.  Here are 9 pillows, cut and ready to go. 

Then I ironed. It was important to get the button placket flat so it would sew without bunching

To keep things flowing I just ironed one, put another on top, ironed it, and just kept going. 

I then ran them through the sewing machine.  8 of 9 had buttons somewhere on front, so I could sew all 4 sides.  Don't they look great

Here is the collection complete. I added embellishments and extra buttons where I thought it was needed. I have more pillow shams than I have pillow inserts... at least till tomorrow. 

Ps the pillows are slightly smaller than the sham to get that stuffed look I like. 

This former green shirt has this nice ruffle on it.  I was sure to cut it out and place it on the pillow where it belongs. I will be bringing them to the store in the morning. I got a call that a large piece of furniture sold, so I have to go move things around and close the hole... until I find something else got sell. 

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