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Friday, November 11, 2016

Depression in the 2016 election aftermath

I am deeply rooted in an overwhelming sense of depression.

And I wrote that sentence and let is set for a whole 5 minutes.

I am depressed because I now realize that good does not necessarily outweigh bad.  I believe that those who made this decision may have meant good, but they had to willingly choose to ignore the bad to make this decision... And so the bad wins.

And here are how people are acting since the election.

  • Black people are being called nigger in the streets... and being told to go back to Africa. 
  • Some kids at a school put up signed for colored and white water fountains. 
  • Muslims are being attacked even more than before. 
  • Hispanic children, Mexican or not, are being taunted with "build a wall, build a wall".

... and worse.

And instead of these same good people standing in and saying, this is not who we are, they are instead deflecting with "well you have no right to boycott" and "you're exaggerating".

And as a black woman in America with black children, I don't like people right now.  And I don't trust people right now, and even though I only got out of my bed a couple hours ago, I want to crawl back into it.

So please excuse my angry journaling.  This is how I get over depression... you don't have to read it.  It is mine.

Fortunately, bubbling underneath, is peace, cuz God... and determination... cuz will.  Imma be good... but I need to be sad and bitter for a minute.

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