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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Doing too much, accomplishing too little

I have been driving from one vintage booth to another as I close down the one where the store has lost it's lease due to a new owner in the plaza and a supermarket coming it. (It took alot of pulling teeth to get the full story.)

I have been painting alot, and just trying to manage to get items ready for sale.

I have been crafting every single evening, also to have booth items, and to get rid of an over abundance of craft supplies... of course each supply calls for another supply to finish the job.

I have been organizing my home to make all this stuff more accessible.

I have been putting items for sale on Ebay...

I'm tired, and I haven't seen pay off yet, so that is exhausting.

And my husband is seriously giving me the side eye because he sees me doing all this work, but progress is not quite as evident.

Ugh.  It's so difficult and confusing to embrace your talents.

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