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Monday, March 05, 2018

Sometimes its not a win-win situation (The dumpster and the toxic male)

So I'm in my new house in a neighborhood still in the midst of construction, and a construction worker rings my doorbell (a foreman I am sure) to tell me to not put boxes in his dumpsters.

Excuse me! I say  I did not -will not - would not put boxes in your dumpster.  I know that is illegal.

And home-skillet argued with me,

"well, it had your address on it. "

My boxes did not have my address on it

"Well it say play room and stuff" 

I don't have a playroom.

"Well, maybe it was something that got mailed to you" 

No sir... I don't use your dumpster.  I gave away the bulk of my boxes and I have been putting out the rest with recycling.  It was windy the other day, maybe one box was picked up and put in there, but I don't dump so, please excuse me... at this point hubby steps in cuz he knows my temper with foolishness.

Now I know were the boxes came from... the new neighbor two doors down did it.  I did not.  I wasn't ratting her out though.

So he's talking to my husband, you know how men do... wow she sure got mad fast...  he he he... just don't put stuff in our dumpster... they won't pick it up he he he. 

I came back around the corner, (because I had walked away from that nonsense), surely with fire in my eyes, and hubby's all like "it's OK".  I said NO IT IS NOT OK.  I said I did not do it.  None of us did it...  this conversation is over, why are we still talking?

I go inside to boil and write a letter to the sales rep.  As I finish home-skillet rings the door bell again.  Ugh... see, here's a box (with the neighbors address)... It looked like this.  (Holding a box that had come through the mail) Your box is buried and I can't get to it.  Please tell your wife to not be mad, we just can't have that. 

I look at him like he's lost his mind.  I say, this is not OK.  Hubby says, well maybe one of our boxes blew over there and someone put it in the dumpster.  (I had already offered that, and now I realize there was never a box with our info in it, dude prolly can't read numbers) I say, NO  this is NOT OK.  This is not our box, I'm not hearing it. We don't dump illegally... it is illegal to use a dumpster that is not yours.

Dudes like, I'm just saying we can't have this... and I'm like, this conversation is over, and tried to close the door but hubby's body was in it.

So here's the problem with this conversation.  Dude tried to present a win-win situation, where I could feel better, and he could feel better... but no.... that was not called for.  Dude was wrong and I was right.  Period.  I did not need to give in to let him feel better about the situation... He should have apologized and got back to his job.

The end.


Oh geeze.  Dude came back.  That fools comments are in green.

There I am standing on my property, looking at the new foundation being prepared next door... it is very, very close to my driveway, but my driveway is wide, so OK.  Anyway, dude saunters over and "apologizes"  I'm sorry if I upset you, I was just doing my job.  K. Then he keeps talking "blah blah blah blah blah... do you accept my apology."  Undecided. Well, blah blah blah blah...  I'm sorry IF I upset you. blah blah blah.  I winced.  He said "what". I replied You said you were sorry IF you upset me.  You did. You challenged whether or not I was telling the truth. I don't like that.  Your apology is insincere because you used coded language.  I don't use coded language.. blah blah blah.  I excused him by saying, OK thank you.  (sarcastic You're Welcome)..I just finished telling my husband that there were far too many holes around here and that dude was going to find himself in one of them if he keeps talking to me.

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