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Friday, March 30, 2018

Your silence is a luxury

Macklemore put out a video/song in 2016 that become more relevant by the moment.

It ends with the statement, your silence is a luxury. Hip Hop is not a luxury.

It's a long video and he raps fast, but I encourage you to listen carefully.  He touches on the appropriation of the hip hop and culture without being sensitive to the trials and tribulations of the people who built the culture of it.

It makes me think of how so many suburban moms who take their kids to hip hop dance classes and kids learn all the neat movements and isolations and present the dance real, real good, but never really understand the emotions behind it.  It just seems so empty to me.

like this:

And this:

It's kind of upsetting to me.

If you are going to teach your kids cultural dance, take them into the culture, into the studious, into the streets where the people who understand it are choreographing it.  It hurts my soul to see see kids learning sanitized versions of a pure art form... It's kinda like watching hip-hop country dancing.  Stop it.

I'm not saying for a minute that all cultures can participate in black culture... but don't sanitize it.  Learn it from the masters.

It's on the wall. There is unity in diversity.

Participate in the art... participate in the struggle.  Your silence is a luxury some of us can't afford.

1 comment:

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

That's jammin'. LOL!!!! Both these videos are so different. I wouldn't feel in the least threatened by that second video. Good grief, people just shame themselves when they do that. Copycats can never, never replace an authentic article. Look at the artistry in the first video and the hokey crap in the second. I don't imagine anyone ever mistaking that second one as... art? Let alone investing cash into that woman's hairdressing budget (a new bowl!).

Not kidding when I say this is at the same artistic level as Prancersize (tm)!