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Sunday, June 10, 2018

I'm making homeschool videos again

Almost-Free curriculum? 

About 5 years ago when I graduated my last homeschooled child, or maybe sometime before, I stopped making youtube videos.  When I started making the videos I was working as a content writer while homeschooling, and so I didn't have a lot of time for videos.  When the content industry dried up (it seems temporary) I also stopped doing videos because:

1. It threw me when people I knew mentioned my video to me... when I was doing it, it felt so anonymous, and I realized that not only were people following my videos, but people I knew were following my videos.  I am more shy and introverted than people realize, so that was hard.

2. I thought my videos were goofy.

3. I didn't really believe that I had much to add to the homeschooling conversation...

I do now.  so I am back.

Here's my first homeschool video in 5 years.

Maybe I will get that book done soon too.  Who knows?

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