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HER Store

In my most recent endeavor (in addition to still working on my book), I have opened a vintage booth at a local furniture store. I love the fact that they have regular furniture and beds there as well because people who aren't necessarily looking for vintage furniture and antiques will come upon them. 

My booth is the HER booth, taking the first three letters of my last name... and I really like the sound of it. 

It can be found at : 
860 Duluth Hwy

Suite 120

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

The cross street is Lawrenceville Suwanee and it is in the same plaza with
 Carvel, Chipotle, Hooters, and Starbucks. 

My store has a Facebook page. Like and follow the store to get first dibs on items before they are listed in the store, and to snap up items on clearance that don't sell. 

Otherwise, you can go to the store to explore my treasures. 

Also, here is the blog address for our Etsy business for costume and up-cycled clothing sales

and here are more posts specifically related to HER Store

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