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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Getting back to my creative space

I told a friend that I was planning to post and art piece a day again, now that my costuming project is over.  She suggested I include costuming too, so I will post an art piece or costume piece a day.  I hope.

I went to the thrift store yesterday to try to find some items to inspire me to make a costume out of my imagination... I found some things, but I also found some items that I put up on Ebay today because they were good quality and still had tags, except one which just did not need any changes at all.  They are uniform pieces and on Asian costume.  Nice stuff.  here are the links.

(auctions are over)

I am also considering joining an artists association or two.  I think.  We shall see.  I could use the inspiration, but am not quite sure I play well with others.

Until next time.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Homeschool Book Purge: Middle School

I am cleaning out my shelves to make room for this year's curriculum.  (Versus buying a new bookshelf!)

Since I did so well selling a few items last week, I decided to list my old homeschool books on Ebay.  As I had duplicates of many of the books, with 2 kids taking local co-op type classes during the middle school years, these books I am selling are in pretty good condition. 

All but one of these books were used successfully by my kids in the middle school years.  I highly recommend them!

They are for sale on Ebay and started at .99 cents.  See partial list below:

  • Analytical Grammar student workbook Homeshool gr 6-8
  • BJU Spanish 2 Teachers Edition Activities manual
  • The Boy's King Arthur Middle School History Novel
  • Signs & Seasons by Jay Ryan Grade 6-8 Astronomy
  • Middle School history Augustus Caesars World -Foster
  • Exploring Creation with Botany by Jeannie Fulbright , Apologia Books: Science Middle School Botany
  • Monarchs of the Nile by Aidan Dodson , Homeschool History Novel, Ancient Times, Egypt
  • Abraham Lincoln's World by Genevieve Foster, Homeschool History Novel, Beautiful Feet Books
  • Story of the Middle Ages Homeschool Classical History , Medieval History Book, Middle school ~Christine Miller
  • Write Source 2000 Middle to High school Homeschool, A Guide to Writing, Thinking and Learning Language arts
  • Augustus Caesars World by Genevieve Foster Grades 6-8, History Novel Beautiful Feet Books Ancient Times

View all items...
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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Loving Ebay right now

Granted, I don't love eBay as much as I did 5-10 years ago when I was an active eBay seller and making a good amount of money on a regular basis.  Ebay is hostile towards the small business right now. 

But as a homeschooler, eBay is Da-Bomb!

So far for this school year I was able to get the bulk of my money back for used Teaching Textbook DVDs AND I sold my son's science book set and turned around and used the same money for the camera for his film photography class. 

Considering I spend $300 on his digital camera last year (it is valued at almost $500) I didn't want to purchase another camera for another photography class, but if I could trade a science book for the camera, then I am happy.   I got the same camera  as the one on sale at Amazon for $119 for $50 plus shipping!   It took a bit of patience to find it.

~Still on my homeschool shopping list:
Graphic Design materials
Dance class gear including size 10 girls jazz shoes.... may have to pay full price for those.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Homeschool Curriculum for sale on Ebay

I normally don't sell my homeschool books, but there were a few that I really didn't see myself using or referring to again. They are for sale on Ebay.

Titles include Teaching Textbooks Geometry and Critical Thinking materials.

I really liked these items and they were very helpful in homeschooling my kids.

I used to use Ebay heavily to make money and I always use it to buy homeschool materials. The problem is that the site was losing popularity due to high shipping and listing fees. They are, however, working to fix those problems and are now allowing people to list 5 items for free each month.

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