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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Almost done costuming another show

The Complete Works of Shakespeare ...  Abridged!  I made 2 and altered the rest.  A guy is playing the women's parts!

Gertrude (made with no pattern)

Lavina (also made with no pattern)



 I am still working on the nurse costume... and kilts for Macbeth!  So if you are wondering why I haven't produced any art work in a while... here's why.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Costumes or art? Definitely both.

I've been really busy since depositing the kids back at college. I have been doing volunteer work for a community theatre, and my job right now is to make costumes for a show that is quickly approaching, so I haven't had the opportunity to write or do art-work.  Or have I?

Some of the costumes I have created have turned out to be some interesting works of art.   Here are some of the things I have made.

Wonderland flower.  a few fake flower bouquets attached to a sin visor. 

Wonderland flower dress.  Green pillowcase dress with tulle tutu

Tin man hat.  A plastic funnel, grey and shiny silver duck tape and some christmas garland

Tin man suit. Silver sweatsuit I found, with wire sewing into the hems to make it rounded.