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Thursday, September 09, 2010

I thought homeschoolers weren't supposed to be afraid of lizards

 Another homeschooling myth debunked!

Yesterday a Gecko decided to grace us with his presence on the kitchen counter.  My daughter discovered him when she went to do the dishes.  He was about six inches long (tail included) and clearly a baby.  He scared us to death. Me, my 5'5" daughter and my 6'3" son were practically in hysterics as we scrambled around to find a bowl, (that we never planned to eat from again) to trap him under.  As much as we didn't want him in the kitchen, we also didn't want to trap him kill him or accidentally decapitate his tail.  That would be gross.

Finally, I took a cheap rubbermaid bowl and trapped him under it.  I was shaking by then, so I told the giant boy to take it from there and put him out side.  I went upstairs... I had to lay down for a minute.

Well, that didn't happen.  I discovered he was still there as I finished eating dinner!  (I didn't cook, but picked up dinner from the grocery store) The kids hadn't touched the lizard. They were saving it for daddy.

I had a neighborhood meeting to go to so I missed Dad's arrival.  I just assumed it was taken care of.... till time for my midnight snack.  I bumped the bowl, and he jumped out.

I screamed!  My daughter forced my protesting husband downstairs to take care of it.

(Let's just jump forward a little.  It was ugly. )

As we opened the back door to put out the lizard, a great bug grasshopper jumped in.  Putting him out was easier.

Oh, and now everyone is mad at me for keeping them awake last night to get rid of the lizard.  Apparently, I should have kept my surprise of finding him still there to myself.... and put him out too!

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Monday, December 17, 2007


If you are going to mock homeschoolers, you might as well be funny or at least irreverent. If you are dying for a reason to roll your eyes or for a guilty chuckle read this post that suggests picking teams should be foremost on a homeschoolers mind, and the one that followed after us homeschoolers ran the Principal off to Canada!

ps. He mocks Canadians, truck stops, and several other groups as well. Good fun!

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Homeschoolers and the Doctor

My kids just got a new doctor who is very engaging and positive about homeschooling... other doctors, just tried not to mention it... This one took 15 minutes to explain the organic fish tank she was building.

She did say that she admired the way we were combining classes and homeschooling... I wonder if she would feel the same if we were unschooling!

Here is a you-tube funny about doctors and homeschooling.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Can you be too smart to homeschool?

I certainly hope not. I ran this blog address through a reading level assessment reader and here is what they said:

cash advance

I guess it's an ego stroker, but does not bode well for my blog. The explanation said that it would take a person with 15 years of education to read and understand it.

Maybe they meant 15 years of public education... I seriously doubt homeschoolers have trouble reading this. (Don't get mad... this is comedy!)

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