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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

So close... so annoyed.

So last night, 10 days before we are set to close at the new house, my realtor, who I am friends with and was shopping with, received a call from the lender (30 minutes after work hours had ended) who wove a story, telling my realtor that the builder was behind and my husband had approved a later closing date.

Lies. My husband was out of town and had not spoken to him.  Also, we had been in contact with the builder and their rep assured us they were on schedule.  He was trying to get the realtor to OK a later closing date.

Nope. Long story short... we communicated with husband, with the builder, and back with the lender.  From what we could surmise, they wanted the holiday off, but they knew the closing date going in and chose the final appraisal date... they could have done it two days earlier, signed the paperwork and gone about their lives.

When my husband was done writing his note, and my realtor was done pushing back, they changed their tune.

They had better not try me.  We need to close on time... the same day we set six months ago when we signed the contract on the house.

We are almost to the finish line.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Lots of time on my hands, lots of planning

We really dislike the builder-grade light fixtures
So, I'd love to be working on my book right now since I don't have usual household chores since I am staying with my inlaws... but while I have time on my hands, it is not uninterrupted, so working on a focussed project would be problematic.  But, I have been planning... a lot.

I have a neat plan for my pantry. I've got some ideas for my limited basement storage.  I have a craft closet I need to get together. I also have to build a tiny workshop in the garage... but not too big because we WILL be parking in there.

Add to the fact that we have given ourselves a year to get the house in order and decorated before we start working on building out the basement. AHHHH... it's going to be crazy, but also fun, and also I am going to love collaborating with my husband on some things...  And I believe I am going to record and blog about the projects.

Oh, and don't let me forget my booths.  My store spaces have been a little neglected with limited access to my inventory, but I will also need to spend a few hours a day on that too.

So... look out.  In just over 2 weeks I will be moving into my new home and we will be having a ball with the process.  You are invited.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Can't wait to move in

They poured the driveway yesterday. 
I honestly thought I was going to be complaining throughout the entire building process.  I know I did last time.  So either this process is way easier, or I am more mature, or both.

The best of it: 

  • The process has been transparent
  • They have kept on schedule
  • Communication has been timely and clear

The worst of it:

  • We were told we would be picking out our specific type of countertop, but it was more like, going to the granite yard and saying yes to what was there... there wasn't really anything to pick from, and they were all low on the type of granite the builder and I agreed upon.  If I changed it, it would cause an avalanche of problems...  

And that is the only problem we have had... except, I am getting a bad feeling about them trying to move our closing date.  I hope not. We shall see.  As of right now, we have 3 weeks and 1 day to go.
We have been living with my In-laws for 3.5 weeks.

Meanwhile, I have been looking at closet organization systems, from the pantry to the master closet. There are a few furniture pieces I need to buy. And I have been shopping online for items we need that are on sale right now cuz...Christmas.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Staying with the in-laws

Welp. I made the suggestion to stay with the in-laws because 1. there was a rare vacancy. 2. They needed some things fixed in their home and we could pay for those things if we stayed for them instead of renting an executive hotel suite. There is a lot more space here for four people than there would be in a small hotel suite.

But. I am at a disadvantage. Truly.

Maybe I am crazy, but hubby does things to call attention to conversations when we disagree... so I just shut down and don't argue because I know they will chime in.  oh, he's gonna pay for that later.

Also, they are friendlier when he is here, but when he travels, I don't feel super welcome. He travels a lot.

Soo.... 3 weeks down, 4 weeks to go.  Ugh. 

At the same time, I really love them.  I guess it wouldn't be much different were I staying with my own parents.