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Monday, December 19, 2005

homeschooling during the holiday season

Well, it is difficult to say the least!

Jackson is officially on 2 weeks break from his classes with two project to finish for January. Right now, he is hiding in his room, but not too effectivley as I hear the leggos being rummaged through.

Jordan is hiding in her fathers office. He works from home now and is trying to get a business started. This makes homeschooling more difficult because she uses him for a distraction.

All of thier friends are on vacation... they feel they should be on vacation too, but I am only asking for a few days work so that when we feel like an impromptu vacation, we won't have to take work with us.

But if we really wanted to, we could. Especially since Jordans homeschool curricullum is online. We are buying laptops for Christmas to make it even easier, and seriously considering separate laptops that will allow her to do her homeschooling anywhere she pleases.

Until then, I just need to get her get out of the school time, vs relaxing time mentality, and make every moment one of discovery. She's like that sometimes, but when Daddy's home, or a holiday is emminent, she becomes distracted and goes back to her old way of thinking.

To get her focused this morning, I am going to start her out with some online elementary games

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