Merry Christmas from CheesePress Publishing!

 We've been diligently working on our youtube page for our publishing company, Cheesepress Publishing. 

We have managed to put up several videos a day for the last month, and as of today, our stats are climbing! 

Here is our Christmas video: I hope you enjoy it! 

Why do people disagree with history

 You upload a simple actual factual video about Rosa Parks (as she was arrested on this date, back in 1955) and people are hitting it with dislikes. 

That baffles me. 

The fact that people are having a problem with black history tells me that some of the awful things we are clutching our pearls about right now, that are happening overseas (racial cleansing type stuff), could actually happen here. 

I am appalled by humans. 

There's the objectionable history.  Thoughts?

With so many JFK conspiracies abound, what do you know about the Warren Commission

 Do you believe they were thorough, or do you believe it as part of a cover-up surrounding John F Kennedy's death? 

Kennedy's sudden death left the nation in mourning and fueled suspicion.

After the assassination, questions and conspiracy theories increased public

interest in a thorough investigation.

President Lyndon B. Johnson acted quickly to investigate Kennedy's assassination. 

On November 29, 1963, one week after Kennedy's death,  Johnson established

the Warren Commission, officially called the President's Commission on the

Assassination of President Kennedy. 

Chief Justice Earl Warren chaired the commission, which included former

CIA director Allen Dulles, future president Gerald Ford, and others. The

Warren Commission investigation of Kennedy's assassination

and death included witness testimonies, ballistics reports, and medical exams.

The findings released in September 1964 reiterated that  Lee Harvey

Oswald alone killed President Kennedy from the Texas School Book

Depository's sixth-floor window. The Warren Report sought

closure but was unsuccessful in eliminating doubts about JFK's death. 

Free homeschool resources - surefire research and public domain image websites

 It's super hard to find free websites these days.

We are compiling a list of resources and have created a playlist here: 


Check it out

maps, Art, history, images, and more. 

Today in History 1477 First Book Published in England

 On this day, November 18, 1477, William Caxton published "Dictes and Sayenges of the Phylosophers," a groundbreaking work that marked a significant milestone in the world of printing. Join us in this short video as we delve into the fascinating journey of William Caxton, the first English printer, and the impact of his pioneering efforts on the dissemination of knowledge. Discover the historical significance of "Dictes and Sayenges of the Phylosophers," a collection of wise sayings and moral reflections from various philosophers. Learn how Caxton's introduction of the printing press to England revolutionized the way information was shared, paving the way for the mass production of books and the democratization of knowledge. This video offers a glimpse into the cultural and intellectual landscape of the 15th century, showcasing the enduring legacy of Caxton's contributions to the world of literature.

12 grade year of homeschooling, Finishing Strong

We are almost done with my college prep series. There will still be a video on completing the transcript.    Stay tuned... meanwhile, ...