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Monday, October 29, 2007

What in the World does Homeschooling have to do with it?

I am really aggravated right now!

A close relative on my husband side, (who I love and respect)
Just called concerned about my husbands health and stress level.

We talked about alot of things like his health, and schedule, and things of that nature, and somehow the topic of homeschooling comes up.

I found myself defending our decision to homeschool and trying to explain why public, and private schools were not an option. I finally realized I had been unfairly put on the spot and I demanded to know what homeschooling had to do with this conversation and the true motivation of the conversation... she backed down because she could not answer the questions.

grrrr. I hate that. I still love her... but I hate that!

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1 comment:

Opal said...

That sounds like my aunt. She stopped by yesterday and out of nowhere brought up homeschooling. I guess that is like an annoying itch. She's just got to scratch it.