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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best Homeschool Video

Larel Springs an online homeschooling website has announced the winner of the "Why homeschool is cool" contest.

Hazel Newlevant, 15, of Portland, Oregon, an artistic and creative homeschool student, received the coveted grand prize title and $1,000 for her video entry entitled "What I like About Homeschooling." Hazel drew black and white illustrations that she brought to life with full animation. The video expresses that the world is a homeschool student's classroom, not a homeroom -- showing that homeschool students can read, paint and do science experiments outside with other homeschool students. Hazel also provided the background piano music, Edvard Greig's "Watchman's Song." View Hazel's video at

Check it out... it's quite cool.

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