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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Does anyone find this peculiar?

Here's the quote:

"Yet after seven months and four letters, some students still have not had the shot and risk being barred from school, although the district has promised home schooling."

Here's the story the quote comes from.

I find it amusing that homeschooling is such a problem until it serves the school districts needs. Plus, it seems that they are using homeschooling as a threat. "Do what we say or homeschool your kids". Most amusing of all, is that is what spurred me to homeschool. I was told do what we say, or homeschool your daughter. I said "OK", and I did. I am still doing it almost 5 years later.

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Mary Nix said...


My name is Mary Nix and I found your comments via a google search.

Some of us have been following this scenario of families being told by schools to homeschool, so it was interesting to come along and find your comments.

We've been discussing the push-out scenario over at HEM- Networking here:

I'm so glad you took them up on their suggestion!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

This is indeed peculiar!

I have been following Mary R.'s discussions of the Push-out issues over at Corn and Oil. It seems that the government schools want it both ways--to control homeschooling and to use it as a way to hide their drop-out rates.
As homeschoolers, we need to keep an eye on this because it could hurt us if drop outs are called homeschoolers.

By the way, did I read correctly, that even if the child has had the DPT, they now must have this Pdap shot? Isn't that a bit redundant?

Ahermitt said...

Yes! They want to student to get a second round of shots... I ran into this recently at the Doctors office. The only immunization I allowed was meningitis because it scares me to death!