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Friday, January 25, 2008

Every parent is suspect

In regards to SB 36 and SB 37, new laws in the works in Utah allowing homeschoolers to participate in extra curricular activities, the problems stem from a basic mistrust of parents. No one even tried to hide this apparent mis trust. The problem come with SB 37 where they feel public school parents will switch their kids to homeschooling to keep academically poor kids playing.

I find this idiotic. To think that a parent is going to change their entire lifestyle to cheat the system to allow little Jummy, who is failing in school to stay on the football field. These people have no iidea about what it takes to homeschool a child. At least some people agree with me.

Several legislators bristled at the idea that parents would lie about their children's grades so they could play sports.
"Somehow, every parent is suspect and a closet perjurer ready to abandon their honor so their child can participate in extracurricular activities," said Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Lehi, who sponsored both bills. "Research has been done that shows that just doesn't happen."

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