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Friday, January 04, 2008

It is Ignorant to Assume Homeschoolers don't Socialize

When are people going to stop beating that dead horse.

A homeschooler not socializing with other homeschoolers, neighborhood friends, relatives, church friends, friends at sports events is as unnatural as:

bees not buzzing
fish not swimming
dogs not barking
teens not kissing.

Do you get the point yet. Homeschoolers have lives too!

Right n ow my 13 year oldson is at a party from which I will pick him up in the morning... and no, it is not church sponsored!... oh, and there are girls there (who will sleep at another house).

I drive my kids around so much I am thinking about putting a taxi meter in my car... but then I'd have to raise their allowance so they could pay me.

The only real difference between homeschoolers and non homeschoolers is that we teach our own kids, or facilitate our own kids education.

UGH... I don't know why I bother... I am probably just preaching to the choir again.

What set me off today. Unofficial (Evil) homeschool (anti-society) networks (subversion groups)

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