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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A hair-raising school suspension

My son hasn't cut his hair since before he started homeschooling over 5 years ago. It is quite long and depending on how it is styled, is all the way down his back. Most strangers mistake him for a girl, and he just corrects them. For a black child, his hair is just too long, and definitely an oddity, but he likes it that way.

So when I read this story about an Ohio school that suspended a Kindergartener over his Mohawk, I had to wonder how much grief my kid would get if he were in school.

I mean the school had given them 2 warnings that the hairstyle was unacceptable, but the mom continued to shave the sides of the kids head and spike the hair on top. Was she out of line... after all, this is a little boy? But she said he likes it that way.

I know my 13 year old bristles when we say 'haircut' but he does go out of his way to pull his braids neatly into a band when he goes to his classes or to church. He is also a big fan of newsboy hats which make him look quite stylish. He goes out of his way to not draw attention to his hair.

So I guess my question is, while I know the school went too far in this fight over a hairstyle, did the mom go to far as well?

I am undecided.

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1 comment:

Michele said...

I have to say, hair is hair. I have 4 boys and though I love to see their handsome faces, if they take care of their hair they can have it as long as they like, styled anyway they like. WOW, that's a doozy of a run-on sentence! Anywho, one of my sons even had a mohawk. Several times in fact. We got the looks. Even in our church! Does the hair make him who he is? No. Was that little boy in a private school where his parents were paying tuition? That seems to me the only reason to post such ridiculous standards on hair. It's just another way that society tries to conform our children to mindless robots. Kudos to the brave parents everywhere for sticking to their guns!

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