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Monday, March 03, 2008

HSLDA mum on California Ruling Against Homeschoolers?

I get emails every single day from or through HSLDA talking about how they SAVED one homeschooling family or other from the evil government.

Meanwhile, for the past few days I have been hearing about how a Judge has ordered homeschoolers into government education.

Now, while this above link will bring you to an HSLDA web page, it is just a newsfeed page. Meanwhile, they have had nothing to say regarding this particular case.

My guess is this family does not meet the stringent guidelines HSLDA has set for who they will and will not support. However, if one judge can get away with this, won't others follow.

If they are going to ordain themselves the great leaders and protectors of the homeschoolers, shouldn't they be leading or protecting?

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