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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Educational Website Reviews: Atomic Elephant Toy Company

One of the best science lessons my homeschooled children ever had was a trip to “Bodies” the Exhibition where we were able to see real human specimens dissected and displayed in numerous ways that made human biology easy to understand. “Bodies” is a traveling exhibition that visits several cities each year and if you can catch it, you will be pleased with how much your kids will learn.

If you cannot catch the Bodies exhibition, the next best thing in my estimation is the Ultimate Human Body 2.2, an interactive computed program full of 3D models, a body scanner, views of human organs from every angle, and even a journey into a cell. I do not think there is a better biology tool for home use available. To top it off, this program set costs no more than the price of one ticket to the Bodies exhibition.

The program and other science toys and kits are available through Atomic Elephant Toy Company, an online store that specializes in making learning about science fun. You can purchase learning toys according to subject from Aeronautics to Engineering, to Plant Life. You can also find the right science learning kit by using the shop by age tool.

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