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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Educational Website Reviews:

Public school students can practice foreign language in classrooms with other students on a daily basis. Homeschoolers however may have a bit of a challenge in finding someone to speak their foreign language with. If you pick the native language of your next-door neighbor or are lucky to have a family member who speaks your language of choice, then that is wonderful. If you choose to learn Portuguese or Hindi, however and no one around you speaks that language, what is a homeschooler to do?

A new website called LingoMingo attempts to address this issue. LingoMingo is a social network designed to connect language learners around the world. The site matches native language speakers with people who want to learn the language and provides audio video based chat, and an email inbox. This site is free to use. LingoMingo also has free language videos, screensavers.

This is not a site for children. It is for mature homeschoolers and adults who will not get distracted by the numerous Google ads for dating sites on the page. There is a disclaimer on the bottom of the page that advises parents supervise anyone 18 or under on the site. When used with parental consent and supervision it could turn out to be a useful tool for homeschoolers.

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