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Friday, June 06, 2008

Why do we have to Learn English?

Why do we have to learn English, anyway? My son asked. We already speak it. Aren’t we wasting our time? I had to sit and think about it for a while before answering. Then I remembered what my mother told me when I asked the same question.

We need to learn English because most of us, do not speak true English. Our language in a mixture of English from England, foreign words that were mixed in as immigrants came over, slang and mispronunciations that have managed to stick over the decades. The reason we must learn English is so that everyone across the country, other English speaking countries, and other countries where people learn English for business and educational reasons are all on the same ground.

If we did not teach our kids English, then they could pick up bad habits from your family (whose family does not have a few made up words), from your friends, your ethnic makeup (i.e. Ebonics and Jamaican patios) and from your region. Before you know it, it will seem like people from the next town are all speaking a foreign language. English lessons, even in English speaking countries is the glue that helps to tie all versions of the English language back together.

Now that we have covered the necessity of English lessons, comes the job of finding fun and interesting. Most American homeschoolers can teach students English with a simple guide and good literature. Non English speaking (or English as a second language) homeschoolers can make good use of on an online English school.

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