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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Colleges with best return on investment that accept CLEP

A colleague of mine at just wrote the article Smart Money magazine ranks colleges with "payback ratio"

As many homeschoolers take CLEP exams in high school to put a few credits under their belt and to prove their worth, I thought I would compare this list to the list of CLEP colleges. The number in parenthesis is return on investment.

Public Colleges

University of Georgia(338%) YES
Texas A&M (315%)YES
University of Texas yes
Austin (306%) yES, WITH FEES
Georgia Tech (263%) yes
University of Washington (225%) NO

Liberal Arts College

Washington and Lee (165%) NO
University of Richmond (130%),YES
Lafayette College (115%),NO
College of the Holy Cross (114%),YES
Bucknell (114%)YES

Ivy Leage

Princeton (132%), YES
Dartmouth (131%), YES
Yale (127%),NO
Harvard (124%),LIMITED
University of Pennsylvania (124%) YES

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