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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taking the CLEP route

I have decided to get my kids started taking CLEP courses next year.

In my own words, CLEP exams are tests used to allow students to test out of a College course. For homeschoolers, they are a great AP substitute because it allows a student to study college level coursework and take a test to prove they learned it. No one can argue that MOMMA assigned a grade with no real basis.

While CLEP exams will allow students to fast forward through college, that is hardly my concern. My interest in CLEP exams is to show that my kids really know what they know and to make them more attractive to the best colleges (should they plan to go that route.)

I will mostly be working with my 14 year old son and a 16 year old friend. My daughter will probably take some as well just to get a feel for it.

The first test the boys are planning to take is supposed to be the easiest... Interpreting and analyzing Literature, but the test isn't exactly a no brainer for me.

I am planning to have them read a literature anthology this summer and then we will discuss the book and learn terminology. I am working on planning all that out right now.

I will probably be writing alot about our CLEP adventures as we go through them.

ps. I am hardly a CLEP expert to learn more about the process here is a website you should visit.

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