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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Teaching kids the importance of research

So this was an interesting week. My son had a recital where all of the kids in the Artios conservatory program demonstrated what they had learned this year... my son played a Mozart piece that he had only been practicing for two weeks, so he wasn't exactly happy with is performance, but it was a valiant attempt... He was also in his first Movie short that one of his friends produced.

But on the homefront, my kids learned about the importance of research. You see, my husband and I decided to replace out 12 year old sofa and ordered a sectional. Delivery was supposed to be Friday and I did not find out otherwise until I called for a delivery time... apparently there was a problem and I was livid because they did not have the courtesy to let me know in advance.

I my angry state I went online to see if the same furniture was on sale anywhere else... and guess what... it was. $200.00 saved! Take that!

So my kids have learned that proper research can save you $200.00.... I just hope they don't wait to get mad to do the research like me.

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Mrs. C said...

YES! That will serve 'em.

Hapi said...

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