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Saturday, May 30, 2009

An answer to the case against homeschooling

I was over at Henry Cate's blog and came across a comment that lead to a blog with a catchy title... ""The case against homeschooling". The funny thing was the comment used the word 'respectfully' when introducing the link. However, this rant was anything but respectful.

Still, I thought I'd join the fun and chime in and present my answer to 'The case against homeschooling'. I encourage you to do the same. To save time, I will paraphrase the writers "points".

Here goes:

10. College students think homeschooled peers are geeks?
(Who cares what college students think... aren't the geeks the ones that end up rich and the ones that called names... aren't they trained to be employees?)

9. Students shouldn't learn at the same table where they eat?
(Huh? It there a study that has proved this is detrimental? Besides my daughter does her work under the table on a blanket.)

8. Homeschooling is selfish as homeschooled kids are increasingly rich and (gasp) well educated, which takes away from public schools.
(Jealous much?)

7. God hates homeschooling... he said to go forth and be a witness.
(Even Jesus stayed home until he was 30, most homeschoolers go forth in their early 20's.)

6. Homeschool parent/teaches are arrogant and crazy. We can't teach all subjects to the level that a group of teachers can.
(Have you ever heard of tutors and interactive online curriculum?)

5. Homeschooling (peaves) this teacher off?
(Insecure, uninformed teachers tick me off too)

4. Homeschooling can breed intolerance and racism due to race separation.
(When was the last time you were in a high school or college cafeteria? Most kids tend to choose seating according to race.

3. 1 hour of socialization a week is not enough.
(I guess it's good thing that my kids spend about 12-20 hours a week with other kids, as do most other homeschoolers.)

2. Arrogant again? We are gambling with our kids education.
(Look at the bright side, for once we can't blame their failures on teachers.)

1. Geeky part 2.
(refer to answer #10, besides I know you are, but what am I?)

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Michelle said...

Nicely done!

Hey, is it OK if I comment here on your blog? I mean, I'm a white girl and I guess, as a homeschooler, I'm supposed to stay away from people who aren't just like me.

Ahermitt said...

I'll make an exception for you Michelle!

MichelleW said...

I've been spending about an hour looking at the original post, comments, etc. I came across your blog - I love your responses! Well stated. Especially #s 10, 9, 8....well, okay, they are all perfect responses and I totally agree!

Michelle said...

What is it about people that makes them want to force their ideas and moral views on others?

Interesting post. I'd say that guy doesn't have a logical leg to stand on.

I homeschool my six boys. Just found your site. Keep it up!

Alasandra said...

Loved your post!!!!!!!

You know it's amusing this supposedly enlightened, tolerant public school TEACHER feels free to bash homeschoolers and behave in a very intolerant manner. Somebody should report him to the politically correct police.