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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Attempting Spanish on our own

My son, and his friend took Spanish last year in a local classroom setting.  Not getting the results they hoped for we are going it on our own.  

The action plan: 

Review Spanish 1 and tackle Spanish 2 over the summer.  Then take the Clep Exam at the end of September.

We are using: free tutorial, Destinos (A telanovella that teaches spanish), plus the accompanying book that we ordered used from
Rosetta Stone to teach pronunciation.
If they need more help, we will hire a Spanish tutor for the last month of study before taking the Spanish Clep Exam.

My daughter who has not taken Spanish 1 will follow the same program, but at a slower pace, hopefully taking the test next summer. 

Wish us luck, and if you have any experience preparing for the Spanish Clep exam, please leave a comment with tips and suggestions.


mavibu said...

I speak Spanish and am having to make a concentrated effort to teach it to my kids, who constantly surprise me with their ability to remember Spanish words. I'm the only Spanish speaker in the house and therein lies the problem. I'll check out the website you mentioned. My only suggestion is that they immerse themselves in Spansih as much as possible. Great luck!

Tonya said...

Hello there. I found your site and am very excited to keep looking and checking out your free resource links. Thanks. My son is a senior and has one clep done and 9 total credit hours of college. We plan to clep more. Hope to keep with you on your adventures as we are also planning on blogging ours. Take care and I will be checking you out.