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Friday, November 06, 2009

My recent homeschool and education articles

Here are a few of my articles I have written in the last few weeks regarding homeschooling and education.

Newsflash! All Homeschoolers are Not Conservative

Proof that all homeschoolers are not conservative... I watch Hardball with Chris Matthews. While Chris Matthews would not characterize himself as liberal (which I also do not) he is certainly far from conservative.

Homeschoolers Are Not Entitled to Free School Online
The Missouri Virtual School which many homeschoolers use to teach their kids for free is in danger of shutting down due to a lack of funding. Missouri Virtual Instruction, also called MoVIP has allowed many public school students as well as homeschoolers to take courses online for free.

Think You're Against Homeschooling? Just Wait
I just stumbled across a homeschooling mom blog where the writer explains that she used to oppose homeschooling. She was offered the opportunity to homeschool as a teen and turned it down. She saw her brothers get homeschooled. Yet she saw no appeal in it.

If I Could Start Over Again, Thoughts from a homeschool veteran
I don't know If I can really call myself a homeschool veteran just just yet because I have not graduated a homeschooler. I have however, gotten my kids to the high school stage and am continuing to homeschool them. 75% of homeschoolers (my best bet)decide to stop homeschooling by this point.

Many people worry about homeschooling highschoolers because teaching subjects like Chemistry, Trigonometry, and Calculus is so hard. Compared to the full job of homeschooling a high school students, a few AP courses don't scare me in the least.

 Notes from a homeschooling mom: What does success look like For children in public school, success can be measured at each pop quiz and chapter test.  If a student can pass a test after the teacher has taught the material, then all is well.  Of course there is some debate in the success of teaching to the test, a teacher who can promote a class full of children who are ready for the next grade level is typically successful.

Homeschoolers take classes online, they go to local classes and co-ops, and they take lots of educational field trips.  For some subjects however, it is best to have an instructor to come to you. 

Carnival of Educators v. 2: Here's to teachers Welcome to the November 3, 2009 edition of carnival of educators.  This week's theme is Here's to Teachers.

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